Chill with Frigidaire: Portable Ice Maker Review!

Chill with Frigidaire: Portable Ice Maker Review!

Welcome, fellow ice aficionados, to our latest product‍ review! Today, we’re​ diving into the cool world of ice makers with the FRIGIDAIRE EFIC189-Silver Compact Ice Maker. If‍ you’re like us and ​love hosting gatherings or ⁢simply enjoy ⁤a refreshing beverage on the rocks, then this sleek silver countertop companion⁤ might just​ become your new best friend.

Picture​ this: you’re gearing up for this ⁣year’s family BBQ, the sun is shining, and laughter fills the air. But wait, what’s missing? Ice! Cue the FRIGIDAIRE‌ EFIC189-Silver Compact Ice Maker‌ swooping in to‌ save the day. With its modern LED design, you ​can easily keep track of your ice levels ‌and select the⁤ perfect ‌cube size to suit ‍your drink of choice.

But that’s not all – the large see-through window cover ⁢lets you sneak a ‍peek at the ice-making magic happening inside, while the efficient air outlet ensures this little‌ powerhouse keeps churning out ice ⁣throughout the entire party. And when⁣ the festivities wind down, cleanup is a breeze thanks to the convenient drain plug.

Crafted by the renowned folks at Frigidaire, ⁤leaders in⁢ refrigeration, this compact ice maker packs a punch. ⁢Producing up to 26 pounds of ice per day, ⁤with each cycle yielding​ 9 ⁢ice cubes in⁢ just⁤ 5-6⁤ minutes, it’s ready to keep your drinks chilled and your gatherings buzzing ⁣with good​ vibes.

Plus, with handy indicators to remind you when the basket is full or when it’s time ⁤to top up the water reservoir, this ice maker takes the guesswork out of keeping‍ the party going. ⁣And its portable, countertop design means you can⁤ take the icy⁤ goodness wherever the fun leads.

So, whether you’re hosting a ⁤backyard BBQ,⁢ enjoying a quiet night in, or simply want to‌ elevate your beverage game,⁣ the FRIGIDAIRE EFIC189-Silver ⁤Compact Ice Maker ​is here to ensure you never⁣ run dry on ice again. Cheers to endless chill!

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<p>When you think of Frigidaire, you think of quality and affordability in kitchen products, and their latest offering lives up to that reputation. Introducing a countertop ice maker that's perfect for all your hosting needs, whether it's a family BBQ or a casual get-together. With a sleek LED design, this ice maker allows you to monitor the ice level and select your preferred ice cube size effortlessly. The large see-through window on the cover makes it convenient to keep an eye on the ice basket and shovel, ensuring you never run out of ice during your gatherings.</p>
<p>Designed with efficiency and functionality in mind, this ice maker produces 9 ice cubes every 5-6 minutes, with a remarkable total capacity of 26lbs in just 24 hours. Plus, it's equipped with indicators to remind you when the basket is full or when the water level is low, ensuring a seamless ice-making experience. The choice of bullet ice in two different sizes adds versatility to suit your preferences, and its compact countertop design makes it easy to transport and use anywhere. With a large water reservoir and bin capacity, you can rely on this ice maker to keep the party going without interruption.</p>
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Design and Features

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Our first impression of this ice maker is its modern design that seamlessly blends into ​any kitchen decor. The large transparent window ⁣not only adds a touch of sophistication but also allows you to monitor the ice-making process effortlessly. With this feature, you’ll never‌ be ​caught off guard with an empty‌ ice basket. Plus, the LED design enables you to select your preferred ‌ice‍ cube size with ease, catering to various beverage needs ⁣during gatherings.

Specification Details
Product Dimensions 14.1 x 9.5 x 12.9 inches
Weight 18.65 Pounds
Capacity 26lbs in 24 hours
Water Reservoir 2.3qt

What sets this⁣ ice maker apart is its efficiency.⁤ With a rapid 5-6 minute cycle producing 9 ⁢ice ⁣cubes each time, you’ll have a continuous supply of ice, perfect for any occasion. The functionality is also ‌top-notch; indicators remind you‌ to empty the⁢ basket when full and refill the water⁣ when ⁢running low, ensuring uninterrupted ice production. Moreover, its⁢ compact and portable design make it versatile for various settings, from countertop⁣ convenience⁤ at home to outdoor events. With its large capacity water reservoir⁢ and ice bin, you’ll have ‍ample ice on⁢ hand without frequent refills, making entertaining a breeze.

Performance Evaluation

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Our experience with ‌the Frigidaire Compact Ice Maker has ‌been‌ nothing short ‍of impressive. The modern design with a large transparent window not only adds a sleek touch to our countertop but⁢ also allows us to monitor ‍the ice-making process effortlessly. We appreciate the‌ compact dimensions, measuring just 9.5 inches ⁤in width, ⁣14.1​ inches in⁣ depth, and 12.9 inches in height, making it⁢ incredibly easy to transport and use ⁢wherever needed.

Efficiency ⁢is where this ice maker truly ‍shines. With ⁣each cycle taking only ​5-6 ‌minutes, we consistently get ⁢9 ​ice cubes per‍ cycle,‌ amounting to a ⁤substantial 26lbs of ice production within ‍24 hours. Plus, the machine’s ability to recycle unused ice melt water ensures a continuous supply of fresh ice.​ The functionality of the ⁢ice maker is top-notch ​as well; it alerts us when the⁤ basket ⁤is full and when more water is needed,‍ ensuring we ‍never run out of ice unexpectedly. With the versatility to choose ‌between two different sizes of bullet ice, and the convenience of ⁣its countertop design, this ice maker‍ has become an essential part of our kitchen arsenal.

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Considering the innovative features and compact design of this countertop ice maker, we confidently recommend it for various occasions. ⁢The LED⁤ display not only allows you​ to monitor ice‌ levels but‌ also grants you the freedom to select your preferred ice cube size. This feature, coupled with the large transparent window, ensures convenience and ease of use. Plus, with its portable​ nature, you can effortlessly transport it ‌to different locations, making it an ideal companion for picnics, parties,⁢ or any outdoor event where ice is a necessity.

Moreover, the efficiency of this ⁤Frigidaire ice maker is commendable. Producing 9 ice cubes every 5-6 minutes, ‍with a total capacity of ​26lbs in 24 hours, guarantees an uninterrupted flow‍ of ice‌ for your beverages.⁤ The functionality aspect ⁤is equally impressive, as it notifies you when the ice basket is full or when the water level is low, ensuring smooth ‌operation. With the choice⁢ of bullet ice‌ in two different sizes, ⁢it caters to diverse preferences. If‌ you’re seeking a reliable, high-capacity‌ ice maker that combines modern ‌design with functionality, this Frigidaire model is an excellent choice.

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Customer Reviews Analysis

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Customer Reviews Analysis

Let’s delve‍ into what customers have to say about the FRIGIDAIRE EFIC189-Silver Compact Ice Maker. We’ve compiled a‌ variety of insights ‌to⁢ give you a comprehensive view.

Positive ‍Reviews

Very quality⁣ built machine.
Easy to use with status lights.
Generates ‌26 ‌lbs. of ice per day.
Quick ice production (first ‌ice⁢ in ⁣about 8 minutes).
Automatically pauses when⁢ ice basket is full.
Long cord for flexible placement.
Comes with⁤ a‍ handy ice scoop.
Operates quietly and‍ doesn’t take up‍ much space.

Negative Reviews

Draining water can ‌be ⁣tricky.
Bin is not refrigerated, ⁣so ice can melt over time.
Some users found it slower for larger gatherings.
Ice cubes may⁢ be smaller ‌than⁤ expected.

Overall, customers are pleased with‍ the performance⁣ of the ice maker, highlighting its efficiency, ease of⁣ use, and compact design. While some minor drawbacks exist, they can be ​easily managed with simple ‌workarounds. Whether it’s for​ home use, office spaces, or gatherings,⁣ the Frigidaire Portable ​Ice Maker ​proves to‍ be a reliable solution for keeping⁤ drinks chilled.

Pros & Cons

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Pros ⁢& Cons


Modern Design
Compact &​ Easy‌ to Transport
Efficient Ice Production
Intuitive Functionality with Indicators
Versatile Ice Cube‌ Sizes
Large Ice ‌Production Capacity


May ​be Noisy During Operation
Requires Frequent Water Refills
No Built-in Filter for Water
May Need Regular Cleaning Maintenance


These tables⁣ provide a concise‌ overview of ⁣the pros and ​cons of the Frigidaire EFIC189-Silver Compact Ice Maker. ‍While it boasts modern design, efficient functionality, and versatility, potential downsides include ​noise during ​operation, frequent water refills, lack of ⁤a built-in water filter, and maintenance requirements. ‌


Q&A ‌Section:

Q: How long ⁢does it take⁣ to make a batch⁣ of ice?

A: The Frigidaire EFIC189-Silver​ Compact Ice Maker ‌can produce a batch of ice in just 5-6 minutes, so ​you’ll have ⁤a steady supply of ice for your gatherings in no time!

Q: What size ⁣ice cubes​ does it produce?

A: You have the option to choose ⁤between two different sizes ⁢of⁢ bullet-shaped ice cubes, allowing you to customize your ‌chilling experience.

Q: How much ice⁣ can it ⁣produce ‌in a day?

A: This portable ice⁣ maker ⁣can produce up to 26⁤ pounds of ice in a 24-hour period, ensuring you have‌ an ample supply for all your cooling needs.

Q: Is it⁣ easy‌ to clean and maintain?

A: Absolutely! The ⁤Frigidaire EFIC189-Silver​ Compact ⁤Ice Maker features ⁤a drain plug ‍for easy cleaning and maintenance, so⁤ you can spend more time​ enjoying your ice and less time worrying about‍ upkeep.

Q: ⁣Is it loud when in operation?

A: While you’ll hear it⁢ working, it operates at​ a reasonable‌ noise‍ level, ensuring it won’t‌ disrupt⁢ the ambiance of your gathering.

Q: Can I ‍see the ice being made?

A: Yes, the ice maker comes with a large transparent window, allowing you⁤ to⁢ watch⁤ as⁣ your ‌ice is⁤ being made, ⁢adding a touch⁤ of⁢ fascination to⁢ the chilling process.

Q: How portable is it?

A: ⁤With its compact dimensions and countertop design, ​this ice maker is incredibly portable, making it‍ easy to ​transport and use wherever⁢ you⁤ need it, ‍whether it’s at home,⁢ at⁢ a party, or on a ​camping trip.

Embody Excellence

As we ‍wrap up our exploration of the ⁤Frigidaire ​EFIC189-Silver Compact Ice Maker, we can’t‍ help but be impressed by its blend of style, efficiency, and ‌functionality. Frigidaire has⁤ once again delivered a product that‍ not only ⁢meets but exceeds expectations.

From its modern design featuring a large ‍transparent window to ​its compact and portable ‍nature, this countertop ice maker is ready to meet your ice needs wherever you go. With its⁣ impressive efficiency, producing 26 pounds⁢ of ice per day, and convenient functionality including automatic reminders for full⁢ baskets and low water levels,⁤ it’s a true game-changer for any gathering or daily use.

So, whether you’re⁣ hosting a family BBQ,​ enjoying a quiet evening at home, or‌ need to keep drinks cool at a picnic, the Frigidaire EFIC189-Silver Compact Ice Maker has got you ⁢covered.

Ready to chill⁤ out with Frigidaire? Click below to ⁤grab your own⁣ portable ice maker and elevate your ice‌ game to the next level!

Get your Frigidaire ‌EFIC189-Silver​ Compact Ice Maker now!

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