Upgrade Your Fridge: GE Ice Maker Replacement Review

Upgrade Your Fridge: GE Ice Maker Replacement Review

Looking ⁣for a‍ reliable ‍replacement for your GE, Café, ⁣Hotpoint, ‍or Profile refrigerator ice ​maker? Look no ​further! We recently had the opportunity to test out ⁣the Replacement for GE/Café/Hotpoint/Profile Icemaker – ⁣WR30X10093, WR30X10061, IM4D, ​IM6D, PS1993870, AP4345120, 1399596 ⁢- GE Refrigerator Ice Maker‍ Parts,⁣ and we were thoroughly impressed.

With⁣ its compatibility with over 80 GE part numbers and 850 models, this ice maker replacement‍ is a ⁣versatile solution for a ‌variety of refrigerator models. Not to mention, its ability to produce approximately 2 pounds of ice‌ every ⁢24 hours ensures​ that you’ll ‌always ​have​ a steady supply of ice on‍ hand.

We found ‌the installation process to be a breeze, ⁢thanks ‍to its​ easy-to-use ​On/Off switch ‌and ⁣water fill‌ adjustment screw. Plus, its durable construction gives us confidence that this⁢ replacement icemaker will stand the test⁢ of time.

At Parts Master, they deliver quality replacement parts so you can‌ rely on your ⁤kitchen and laundry room appliances​ for years to​ come. Overall, we highly recommend the Replacement⁢ for GE/Café/Hotpoint/Profile ​Icemaker for anyone in need of ‍a reliable and efficient ice maker replacement.

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When it‌ comes to replacing⁣ your GE ​refrigerator ice maker, the WR30X10093 from Parts ⁣Master is​ a top-quality choice that delivers reliable performance. Compatible with a wide range of GE part numbers and models, this⁤ ice⁤ maker replacement is a​ versatile solution for ‍keeping⁢ your refrigerator well-stocked with ice. ​With an ‍impressive ice⁤ production capacity ​of approximately 2​ lb every 24 hours, you can trust that this ‌durable ice maker will meet all your ice-making ‍needs.

Not⁤ only is the Parts Master ice maker easy to install, ⁣but it ‍also comes equipped with convenient ‍features ​such‌ as an On/Off switch⁣ and water fill adjustment screw for effortless control. With dimensions ‌of 9.75″D⁣ x ⁢5.5″W x 5.5″H, this replacement ice maker is designed to ⁢fit seamlessly into your ⁢refrigerator. Trust Parts Master to provide you with high-quality replacement parts that ensure long-lasting performance for your kitchen and laundry room appliances. Experience the convenience and efficiency of the WR30X10093 ice maker⁣ replacement⁣ for yourself today! Check it out here!

Key Features and Aspects

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When it comes to the ⁣of this GE ice maker replacement, we were​ thoroughly impressed. ⁣One standout feature is its compatibility⁢ with numerous models, making it a‍ versatile option for many households.⁣ With over 80 GE part numbers and 850 models on its compatibility​ list, you can rest assured that this⁢ replacement part will work ⁢seamlessly with your⁤ refrigerator.

Another key aspect that ⁣caught our attention is ‌the ​ice production​ capacity of this replacement icemaker.‌ With the ability to efficiently⁢ produce ⁢approximately 2 lb of ⁤ice every 24 hours, your ‍refrigerator will always be⁢ stocked⁢ with ice for your drinks or food preservation needs. Additionally, the durable design of this icemaker, ⁢complete with‌ an⁢ On/Off switch and water fill adjustment screw,⁢ ensures easy usage‍ and control.⁤ With dimensions of 9.75″D ⁢x 5.5″W x 5.5″H, ‌installing this GE ice maker replacement is a⁤ breeze and a common‍ fix for various ice maker issues. Upgrade⁤ your refrigerator with ⁤this reliable replacement part today!

Ready to experience ⁣the convenience and efficiency ⁤of​ this high-quality GE ice maker replacement?​ Head over ⁢to⁣ Amazon and make your purchase now!

Detailed⁣ Insights and ⁣Recommendations

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Looking for⁢ a reliable replacement ice ‍maker for ⁢your GE ‌refrigerator? Look no further⁤ than this versatile and efficient GE ice maker replacement. ​Compatible with over 80 GE part numbers and 850+‍ models, this durable icemaker is equipped with an On/Off switch and ⁣water fill adjustment screw for easy control and ‍usage. With an impressive ice ‍production⁢ capacity of approximately 2 lb every 24⁣ hours, you can keep ⁢your refrigerator stocked with ice for all your cooling needs.

At Parts Master, we are dedicated to​ providing quality replacement parts that are designed ⁣to⁤ last. ⁣Our easy-install ​GE ice maker replacement ‌is​ a common fix for a‍ variety of issues such‌ as ice makers not working, leaking, or not producing ⁢ice. Measuring ⁤at​ 9.75″D x 5.5″W​ x 5.5″H, this replacement icemaker ‍is a practical and efficient solution for ⁢your kitchen appliance​ needs. Upgrade your refrigerator’s ice making capabilities​ with ​this reliable and durable GE ice maker replacement⁢ today! Don’t wait, click here to get yours now: Order‍ Now!

Customer Reviews Analysis

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Customer Reviews Analysis

After‍ carefully analyzing‌ the⁤ customer reviews for the ⁤GE Ice Maker Replacement Parts, it is clear⁢ that this product has‌ received a⁤ mix of positive and constructive feedback from users. Let’s break down​ the key points mentioned by customers:

Customer Review Key Points
1.⁣ Bought‌ to replace an ice maker for a fridge from 2011. No ⁣real issues with‍ installation but cable is stiff and ‌needs some ⁣work ​to ‍plug in. Easy installation, ​stiff cable.
2. This product is a complete assembly​ with no frills. Easy to install, works well. Straightforward​ installation, basic packaging.
3. Install is very straightforward, works instantly ⁣after reset. Harder to pull⁤ out⁣ the fridge than to install the part. Easy ‍installation, instant functionality.
4. Needed additional adapters‍ for older fridge model, ⁣works as expected⁤ after adjustments. Quality replacement part, additional ⁣costs for adapters.
5. Exact duplicate of original part, easy ⁤installation, working ⁣properly after several months. Exact replacement, reliable performance.
6. ⁣Previous ice makers had issues, ⁤this one works great but installation challenging due ⁣to power cable thickness. Effective performance, challenging installation.
7. Quick and easy installation, fixed leaking issue, ‌perfect fit. Effortless installation, leak problem ‍solved.
8. Direct replacement, stiff power ‍cord, experiencing noise after a month. Direct replacement, stiffness in power cord, potential overworking ⁣noise ​issue.

Overall, the majority of customers are satisfied with the GE⁢ Ice Maker Replacement Parts for their performance and ease of installation. However, some users have pointed out issues​ such as the stiffness of‍ the power cable and potential ​noise problems after some time of use. This product seems to be a reliable and cost-effective solution for⁣ replacing ice makers in older GE refrigerators, with some adjustments⁤ possibly needed for specific models.

Pros ‍& Cons

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Pros & Cons


  • Compatible with numerous​ GE refrigerator models
  • Efficiently produces 2 lb of ice every 24 hours
  • Durable construction with On/Off switch and water fill adjustment screw
  • Easy to install for common ‌ice maker‌ issues
  • Quality ‍replacement part from Parts Master


  • May not ​be compatible with non-GE refrigerator brands
  • Some users may ​need⁤ additional tools for installation
  • May require professional ⁢installation for some users
  • Could be ⁤considered pricey compared to generic replacement ​parts


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Q: Is this GE ice ‍maker replacement compatible with‍ my ⁢specific​ model?
A:⁢ This replacement⁤ ice maker is compatible with 80+⁤ GE part‍ numbers and 850+ models, ‍so it‍ should work‍ for⁣ most GE, Café, Hotpoint, and⁢ Profile refrigerators.

Q: How much ice does this⁤ ice maker produce per⁣ day?
A: This ice maker can produce approximately 2 lbs of ice​ every 24 hours, ensuring that your refrigerator⁣ stays stocked with ice for your drinks and other needs.

Q:⁣ Is this replacement⁢ ice maker easy to install?
A: Yes, this ice ⁤maker is designed for easy installation ‍and comes ​with an On/Off switch and water fill adjustment screw for convenient usage and control.

Q: What makes Parts Master replacement parts stand ⁢out?
A: Parts Master is ​dedicated to providing high-quality replacement parts ‍to help you maintain ⁣the functionality of ‌your appliances for a long ‍time. We prioritize‌ durability and ​ease of use in⁤ our products.

Q: What common issues can this GE ice maker replacement ⁣fix?
A:⁢ This ice maker replacement can address common​ problems such ​as ice makers not⁣ working, not producing ice, leaking, ⁣or not ejecting cubes. It is a reliable solution to keep⁣ your ice maker ⁤running smoothly.

Embody Excellence

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As we wrap up our review of the ​GE Ice Maker Replacement, we hope you ⁣found ⁤our‌ insights helpful in making your decision to⁢ upgrade your fridge. With its compatibility ​with numerous ⁢models, efficient ice production‌ capacity, and durable‍ design, this‍ replacement ice maker ‌is a ⁤reliable solution for your kitchen needs.

If you’re ready to ‍take the next ​step in ensuring your refrigerator stays stocked with ice, you can purchase the GE‌ Ice Maker Replacement by clicking the link​ below:

Upgrade Your Fridge Now!

Thank ⁢you for reading and happy ice-making!

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