Frosty Savior: Our Review of DA97-14504C Ice Maker

Frosty Savior: Our Review of DA97-14504C Ice Maker

If you’ve been searching ‌for a reliable ‌replacement ice bucket ‌for your Samsung refrigerator, ⁢look no further! We ​recently ⁢tried⁤ out the Upgraded DA97-14504C Refrigerator‌ Ice Bucket, ‌and we’re excited to share our ‌experience ‍with you.

First ⁢things first, installation was a breeze. The ice bucket came with a⁣ latch assembly, making it easy‍ to swap⁤ out the old one. We simply pulled out the ‍old tray and slid ⁢the new⁤ one ‍in place. It fit perfectly, no ⁢extra parts or tools required.

We were impressed⁣ with ‍the quality of‌ the materials used in this ice bucket. It’s made of premium thickened food-grade materials, which not only makes it ‌durable but also ensures it meets OEM standards.​ The auger works smoothly, and we noticed ‌an improvement in the performance of our​ ice maker.

This ice bucket is compatible ⁣with a​ wide range of Samsung refrigerator models,⁢ including RF23HSESBSR/AA, RF23HCEDBSR/AA, and many more. It’s ⁢a versatile replacement‍ option ⁣that⁣ is sure to meet your needs.

Overall, we’re extremely satisfied with the Upgraded DA97-14504C Refrigerator Ice Bucket. It’s ​affordable, easy ⁢to install, and built to last. If you’re in need of a new ice bucket ⁣for your Samsung refrigerator, we highly recommend giving this one ​a try.

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When it comes to⁢ ensuring your ‌refrigerator’s ice-making ⁣functionality, trust is key. Our Upgraded Refrigerator Ice Bucket offers a seamless replacement for your Samsung​ ice maker, ensuring you never run out of ice when you need it most. Crafted with ⁤precision and durability in mind, this⁤ ice bucket stands as a ​testament to⁤ our commitment to providing ⁢high-quality products.

At Alvar, we integrate development and production to bring you products that ‌meet‌ the highest standards. Our Upgraded ‍DA97-14504C Ice⁢ Bucket is designed to fit a wide range of Samsung refrigerator models, including RF23HSESBSR/AA,​ RF22M9581SG/AA, RF24FSEDBSR/AA, ​and many more.⁣ This ice bucket isn’t just a replacement; ⁤it’s an upgrade, featuring premium food-grade ‌materials⁤ that ensure durability and strength. Say goodbye to issues like no crushed ice, auger breakage, or freezing ice makers, as our ice bucket tackles these problems head-on, delivering consistently reliable performance.

Ready to experience the difference? Don’t settle⁢ for subpar ice production. Upgrade your refrigerator with our Upgraded DA97-14504C ⁣Ice Bucket today!

Key Features ‌and Highlights

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Our upgraded ice bucket replacement is designed to perfectly fit a wide range of Samsung refrigerator models, ensuring compatibility and ease of use. Crafted with ⁤premium‌ food-grade materials, our ice container assembly is not only environmentally friendly but also durable and reliable. Whether you’re experiencing ⁢issues with ⁢crushed ice, no ice at all, cracks in⁣ your ice bucket, or even ​auger breakage, our replacement⁤ ice ⁣bucket ​is here to solve your problems.

Installation is a‌ breeze with ⁢our ice bucket assembly, which⁢ comes with a latch ⁢assembly for added​ convenience. Simply pull out the old ice tray ‍holder and slide ⁤the new one in – it’s⁤ that easy. Plus, with​ our 365-day warranty, you can rest assured knowing that we stand behind the quality of our product. ⁤Say goodbye ​to​ ice maker‌ troubles and upgrade to our premium ice bucket replacement today!

Upgrade Your Ice Bucket ‌Now!

In-Depth ​Analysis and Insights

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When assessing the Alvar DA97-14504C Refrigerator​ Ice Bucket Replacement, our team ⁣delved into various⁣ aspects to ‌provide you with comprehensive insights.

  • Compatibility: This ice bucket replacement is⁤ designed to fit a wide range of Samsung refrigerator models, including RF23HSESBSR/AA, RF22M9581SG/AA, ⁢RF24FSEDBSR/AA, and more. Its versatility ensures ‍that many users can benefit‍ from this upgrade.
  • Material ​Quality: ⁤ Constructed from premium food-grade materials, the DA97-14504C ice‌ container assembly ensures durability and reliability. Its thickened construction enhances strength, addressing common issues such as cracked ice buckets and auger breaks.

Moreover, installation is⁣ a breeze with the included latch assembly, simplifying the process for users. The package also comes with ‌a refrigerator‍ latch plate for added ⁤convenience. Notably, the manufacturer provides⁣ a 365-day warranty, underscoring their commitment to customer ⁤satisfaction. Should any issues arise, their responsive after-sales service ⁤ensures prompt assistance.

If you’re seeking a reliable solution to enhance your refrigerator’s ice-making​ capabilities, consider upgrading⁣ to the Alvar ⁢DA97-14504C Refrigerator Ice Bucket Replacement. With its seamless compatibility, premium materials, and hassle-free installation,⁣ it’s a ​worthwhile investment for⁢ any Samsung refrigerator owner.

Explore the Alvar DA97-14504C‌ Refrigerator Ice Bucket Replacement on Amazon


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When considering an ice bucket replacement for your Samsung refrigerator, the Upgraded DA97-14504C​ Refrigerator Ice Bucket is an option worth exploring. Crafted with premium food-grade materials, this ice ⁣container assembly ensures durability and reliability. Its compatibility spans across ⁢various ⁤Samsung refrigerator models, including RF23HSESBSR/AA, RF22M9581SG/AA, and many more. This makes⁢ it a versatile solution​ for a ⁣range of users seeking a reliable ice maker tray ⁢replacement.

Installation is a‌ breeze with⁢ the DA97-14504C. ‌Equipped⁢ with a‌ latch assembly and mounting plate, it simplifies the replacement process, eliminating the need for additional ⁢purchases.⁣ The product comes with a 365-day warranty, demonstrating the manufacturer’s‍ confidence in its quality and reliability. Whether ⁤you’re experiencing ‍issues like no crushed ice, no ice at all, or ice bucket cracks, ⁤this upgraded ice container addresses common symptoms effectively. For those seeking a hassle-free ⁣solution to ⁢their ice maker woes, click here to explore the Upgraded DA97-14504C Refrigerator Ice Bucket on ⁣Amazon.

Customer Reviews Analysis

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Customer ‌Reviews Analysis

“It fit like a glove and perfect fit.‍ I​ checked my model number first. was perfect.”

“The ⁢off brand wouldn’t stay seated‍ in my Samsung fridge. Kept pushing out ⁤and ​wouldn’t dispense. Sent back for refund. Easy returns.”

“This part fit perfectly on our Samsung refrigerator. The ice maker bucket cracked and we needed ‌a replacement. Sent on time and worked as expected.”

“Metal​ blade ‌bent and jammed after 3 months.”

“After 2 hours of chopping away ‌the⁣ iceberg from the Titanic that‍ formed in my freezer, this fit right in. Unfortunately this part ⁢was not what was broken. I can not verify if it functions the way it should.”

“This is very close to the OEM part. Everything seems the same. The construction quality is close. The outside looks the ‍same.”

Exact fit as the ‌OEM None
Visually the same as OEM
Much better price than OEM

“My Samsung refrigerator was having the same ‍problem most Samsung refrigerators have in that the ice‍ compartment was getting iced‌ over and not producing ice cubes. Researching I found ‌a paper on how to fix this ‌involving caulking and new gaskets and⁣ replacing this or that. Then I saw this replacement ice maker drawer and decided to give it a shot. I defrosted all the ice in the ice maker, put this ⁣ice tray in, and good lord, I now have ice cubes! Seems to have​ fixed⁤ the problem completely!”

“Only worked for‌ 30 days, Then one of the metal delivery blades jammed. I’m out a lot of money because the replacement⁣ window is closed.”


Pros & ⁢Cons

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Pros & Cons


Compatibility The DA97-14504C ice bucket is compatible with‍ various Samsung refrigerator⁣ models, ensuring wide usability.
Upgraded Material Made⁤ of premium thickened​ food-grade materials, enhancing durability and ⁤reliability.
Easy Installation The ice bucket comes⁤ with a latch assembly, ‍making installation⁢ hassle-free for most users.
Fixes Multiple Issues Addresses common‍ ice ‍maker problems such as no crushed‍ ice, no ice at all,⁣ cracks ‌in ice⁣ buckets, auger breakage, and ⁣ice makers freezing up.
Warranty The product is backed by a ⁢365-day⁣ warranty, ensuring peace ​of ⁣mind for buyers.


Compatibility Limitation Not compatible with DA97-14474C ice bucket, limiting suitability for some ⁣Samsung refrigerator models.
Extra Latch Assembly For models built before July 2014, an additional latch⁣ assembly‌ is required, incurring extra cost for some⁣ users.

Overall, the DA97-14504C ice maker offers excellent compatibility,⁢ upgraded materials, and easy installation, though ‌some users may face ​limitations due to compatibility issues with specific refrigerator models and additional requirements for older models.⁣


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Q&A‌ Section:

Q: ​What models does​ the DA97-14504C Ice Maker fit?

A: The⁣ DA97-14504C Ice Maker fits a wide range ⁤of Samsung refrigerator models including RF23HSESBSR/AA, RF23HCEDBSR/AA, RF22M9581SG/AA, RF22M9581SR/AA, and many more. For a comprehensive list, please refer to the product description.

Q: Is the material‌ of the ice container​ food grade ⁣and durable?

A: Yes, the ‌DA97-14504C ice container⁢ assembly is constructed with premium thickened food grade‌ materials, ensuring both durability and safety for your ice-making needs.

Q: What issues does the DA97-14504C Ice Container‌ fix?

A: The⁣ upgraded DA97-14504C Ice Container‌ addresses various⁤ issues commonly associated with ice makers, including lack ‍of crushed ice, no ice production, cracks ⁤in the ice bucket, auger breakage, and ice ⁤makers freezing up.

Q: How easy is it to install ‌the DA97-14504C Ice Bucket?

A: Installing the DA97-14504C Ice Bucket is a​ breeze. Simply pull out the⁢ old ice tray ⁤holder and slide the new one in. Plus, it comes with a latch assembly, making installation even simpler.

Q: Does the package include everything needed ⁢for replacement?

A: Yes,‍ the package includes the DA97-14504C/DA97-14504A ice bucket replacement as well as a refrigerator latch​ plate. If your model was built before July 2014,​ please note that you‌ may also ⁤need the ⁣latch assembly,​ which is included,⁢ saving you⁢ extra costs.

Q: What⁢ warranty does the DA97-14504C Ice‍ Maker come with?

A: We provide a 365-day warranty‍ on the DA97-14504C Ice Maker. If ‍you encounter ‌any problems such as damage or fitting issues, please don’t hesitate to contact us. We’re committed to providing full ‍after-sales‍ service and resolving any concerns you may have.

Unlock Your​ Potential

As we conclude our frosty ⁣adventure with the Upgraded DA97-14504C Ice Maker,‍ we find ourselves impressed by its seamless compatibility, durability, and⁤ easy installation. Alvar’s commitment to quality shines through in​ this product, offering a ‍reliable solution to ⁣ice-making woes.

With its premium food-grade materials and thoughtfully designed construction, this ice bucket replacement stands ready to tackle any ‌ice-related challenges your Samsung refrigerator​ may face. Say goodbye to crushed ice woes, ice⁤ shortages,⁤ or frustrating cracks in your ice bucket—DA97-14504C is here to save the day.

We’ve explored its features, marveled at its⁤ simplicity ‌of use, and now, it’s your turn. Don’t⁤ let ice troubles linger any longer. ​Take ⁤the leap and upgrade your ice maker⁤ experience today!

Ready to transform your ice-making game? Click here to get ‌your⁢ hands on the Upgraded DA97-14504C Ice ⁤Maker​ now!

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