Ice Master: Euhomy’s Commercial Wonder

Ice Master: Euhomy’s Commercial Wonder

Step into the realm of hassle-free ice production ‌with us‌ as we delve ⁤into the realm of the EUHOMY Commercial Ice⁤ Maker Machine.‌ Imagine ​never running out of ice, whether⁢ you’re hosting a backyard barbecue, running a ⁣bustling restaurant, ‍or simply enjoying a⁤ chilled drink at home. This ⁣sleek stainless⁢ steel powerhouse boasts a daily production capacity of 99 pounds, ensuring you’ll always have an ample supply on‌ hand.

But this isn’t just any run-of-the-mill‍ ice maker.⁢ No, it’s⁣ a versatile wonder designed to⁢ meet the demands of‌ both household and commercial ‌settings. Equipped⁤ with ‌ETL certification, it’s approved for ⁣use in restaurants, ‌bars, hotels, and more, making it ‍a true ⁣workhorse in⁢ any ⁢environment.

The control panel of this ice-making⁢ marvel is where the magic‍ happens. With its smart ⁣LCD interface, ⁤adjusting settings and monitoring operations is a breeze. Want to customize the size of your ice cubes? Simply tweak the ice-making time to suit ⁤your⁤ preferences. Plus, ‌the panel displays ​the ambient temperature, ensuring⁢ optimal efficiency in any environment.

Efficiency meets tranquility with the EUHOMY Commercial Ice Maker⁣ Machine.​ Thanks to its⁤ powerful⁤ compressor, it churns out ice with remarkable speed and precision, ‍all while maintaining a whisper-quiet operation. Say goodbye to noisy disruptions‍ and hello to a⁣ peaceful ice-making experience.

And let’s not​ forget about ⁤maintenance. Keeping your‍ ice maker in top condition is a breeze with Euhomy’s straightforward⁢ cleaning recommendations. ⁣Regular maintenance ensures longevity and ⁢peak performance, ensuring ‌you’ll enjoy⁢ years of reliable‌ service.

In summary, whether you’re a home entertainer or a seasoned ⁤restaurateur,‍ the​ EUHOMY Commercial⁣ Ice Maker Machine is a game-changer. With its impressive production capacity, user-friendly controls, and quiet operation, ‍it’s a must-have addition to any space where ice​ is a necessity. Say hello to endless ice ⁢and bid farewell to worries ‍of shortage​ with EUHOMY.

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We are‍ excited to⁣ introduce you to a game-changer in the world of ice⁢ making: our EUHOMY Commercial Ice Maker Machine. Designed with versatility⁣ and efficiency in ⁣mind, this ice maker is not ‌only perfect for household use but also ⁢boasts ETL certification for ⁤commercial ⁣applications. With its sleek stainless steel design, it seamlessly blends into any environment, whether it’s⁢ your home kitchen, outdoor setup, restaurant, bar, hotel, or grocery store.

The EUHOMY ICE MAKER is equipped with a multi-function control panel ​featuring a smart LCD display. This panel not only allows for easy ⁢operation but also provides essential information such as environmental temperature, ensuring optimal ice production efficiency. Plus, ⁣adjusting ice cube size is a breeze, ⁢giving you the flexibility‍ to ‌cater to different preferences. What’s‌ more, the machine automatically cleans itself ‍at⁤ the press of ⁤a button, saving you⁢ time and effort. Say⁢ goodbye ⁢to⁤ ice shortage worries with ​our EUHOMY​ ice maker, capable ​of producing 99 lbs of ⁣ice per day and storing 33 lbs without ‍any risk of overflow. Experience the perfect​ blend of efficiency, quiet operation, and durability ⁤with EUHOMY. Upgrade your ice game ⁢ today!

Key Features

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Our EUHOMY Commercial Ice ​Maker Machine is a game-changer for both household ⁢and commercial use, ‌boasting several‌ that set ‍it ‍apart. Here’s what makes it​ stand out:

  • Commercial Use & ETL ⁤Certification: Unlike other standalone⁤ ice makers, our product comes with ETL certification, making ⁤it approved for commercial use. Whether it’s‌ for your home, indoor ​or outdoor ‌kitchen, restaurant, ​bar, ⁤hotel, or grocery store, this ice maker fits right in, offering ‌versatility ‌and reliability.

  • Multi-function Control Panel: Equipped with a smart LCD panel, our ice maker allows for easy operation ‌and control. From adjusting ⁤ice cube sizes to monitoring‍ the surrounding temperature ​for efficient ice making, every function ​is conveniently accessible on the control panel.⁢ Plus,​ the⁤ industrial ice machine features an automatic cleaning function, ensuring hassle-free maintenance.

Efficiency and ‌quiet operation are at the forefront with our under counter ice maker. Powered by a robust compressor, it efficiently produces ice without generating excessive noise. Additionally, its energy-efficient design not only saves on electricity bills but‍ also ensures a comfortable environment to enjoy‍ high-quality ⁣ice, ⁤making it a ⁤win-win for ‍both your pocket and your ice needs.

To ‍prolong the life of ​your ice maker and maintain optimal performance, regular cleaning is essential. Our product comes with easy cleaning instructions,‍ ensuring hassle-free ⁢maintenance. With its gravity drainage system and user-friendly cleaning program, keeping your ice maker in top condition ‌has never been easier. Say goodbye to ice shortage worries and upgrade your ice game with the EUHOMY Commercial Ice Maker Machine!

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Detailed‍ Insights

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When ⁣it comes to ⁢versatility, ⁢the​ EUHOMY Commercial Ice Maker Machine⁤ truly stands out. With‌ ETL certification, it’s approved ‍for both commercial and ‍household use, making it‍ a reliable choice​ for a variety of settings including home kitchens, outdoor kitchens, restaurants, bars, hotels, and​ grocery stores. ⁣The multi-function ⁢control panel adds to its‌ convenience, allowing easy adjustment of ice ⁤cube size and providing essential information such as environmental temperature to ensure ‍optimal ice making efficiency. Plus, the machine’s automatic cleaning feature simplifies maintenance,​ contributing to‍ its longevity and ensuring consistently high-quality ice.

Feature Benefit
ETL Certification Approved for ⁤commercial use, offering versatility for various settings.
Multi-function‌ Control Panel Allows easy adjustment of ‍ice cube​ size and ⁣provides essential information for efficient ice ⁤making.
Automatic Cleaning Simplifies maintenance,⁤ increasing the lifespan of the ice maker.

Moreover,⁢ the EUHOMY Commercial Ice Maker Machine is designed for efficiency and convenience. Its powerful⁤ compressor ensures rapid​ ice production without excessive noise, offering a pleasant user experience. Additionally, the‍ machine is energy-efficient, holding an ⁢energy certificate to help users save ⁣on electricity bills in the long run. For⁢ optimal performance ⁢and longevity, regular cleaning ⁣is recommended, with simple ⁣steps ​outlined ‍by Euhomy. With its impressive daily ice production capacity of 99 lbs and a storage​ capacity of 33 lbs, ⁤this​ ice maker is ⁢a reliable solution for anyone looking to upgrade their ice game.


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When considering⁢ an ice maker for your home, ​bar, restaurant, or outdoor activities, versatility and reliability ‌are paramount. We’ve found the EUHOMY Commercial Ice Maker Machine to be an excellent choice ⁢for all these settings. What sets it ‌apart is its ​ ETL certification for commercial use, making⁤ it suitable for a wide range of applications. Whether you​ need a‍ steady supply of ice for cocktails at‍ your bar ‍or refreshing beverages⁣ at your outdoor event, this ice maker delivers consistently.

Moreover, the ‌ multi-function control panel simplifies ‍operation and monitoring, ensuring optimal ice production. Its efficient and quiet operation ensures that you can enjoy your ice without any disruptive noise. Additionally, the cleaning instructions provided by ​EUHOMY ensure ​longevity and performance, making maintenance hassle-free.​ With its impressive daily production capacity, ample storage, and ​durable stainless steel construction, this ice maker is a​ reliable companion ⁣for any setting. Upgrade your ice game today with the EUHOMY Commercial Ice Maker Machine and say goodbye to ice shortage worries!

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Customer Reviews Analysis

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Customer Reviews Analysis

Positive Reviews:

“As a heavy equipment field⁤ tech I need to fill my cooler ⁤with ice a lot. I got tired of‍ hitting up the ‌gas station every couple ​days to pay⁣ $3.50 for ice and grab junk I don’t need while I’m there. It will also come in handy for filling the ‌camper cooler with ice⁣ and when I‍ have parties. Note that the machine only makes ice, it doesn’t keep the hopper cold. This means‌ the ice will melt and have to be pumped out. For that I bought a small ice ⁤machine water pump that ​is automatic. Even with a‌ high of 94 degrees and ‌sitting in⁢ my‌ garage this thing ⁤has pumped out plenty of ice. I also ​purchased ice bags from Amazon and have a dozen 10 lbs. ​bags of ice in​ my garage freezer ready to go. I’m about⁢ to turn the ice machine off for a couple ⁣weeks until I need‌ more‌ ice.”
“I⁤ use a lot of ​ice. ⁤I always⁢ keep a cooler full of ⁤beer on ⁤patio at all times. Need⁢ ice for kayak trips⁣ and taking pontoon or side ⁢x‍ side out. This ice machine makes great ice that lasts a long time. ⁤Easy​ to use. Stores enough ice to fill Yeti⁣ 45. Would highly recommend‌ this ice maker.”
“So ⁤much easier than the trays! It does take up counter room and I think this ⁣would be a pain to ⁣put away each time if you use it on a regular basis. (I⁣ usually make ice every other day.) It’s not super quiet, but not super loud. I empty each little batch out right away because they will‌ stick together ‌if ‌I wait until they start melting even a little. I just dump‌ them into a plastic container in ⁢the freezer, give it a‍ shake each time, and the ice doesn’t stick⁤ together. It’s⁢ easy to clean, too. ⁢I leave mine propped open in between uses so it doesn’t get any ‌mold. I can’t ‍believe I waited this long to buy one!”
“Easy to hook up. Made ice very quickly.”
“We have an outdoor kitchen in our Florida home. Bought the same unit 4 yrs⁢ ago. Love love having ice ⁢to have plenty ‌at all times. Great unit for the price!!!! I’d ‍rather replace it every few‍ years ⁤than buy one for a⁤ few thousand. ​Size is‌ perfect!!!”

Negative Reviews:

“Within ‍the first couple weeks, I began to receive​ E1 and E2 errors, the ice machine would stop producing‍ ice all together. A ⁤simple power on/off resolved the issue the first couple times. By one‌ month, ⁤the machine ‍stopped producing ice completely and the pump is not working. Reached out to Euhomy support and they do not ​have the‌ replacement part in stock, requiring⁢ shipment from China‍ which will take 2 weeks to receive. By the time⁣ I receive the​ part, I will have spent over $100⁢ because buying ‍ice to‍ fulfill the‌ duties ⁣this machine was originally purchased to fulfill. A $400 ice⁤ machine has‍ now become a $500 ice‍ machine with no other options or offers from Euhomy to rectify quicker or compensate. When it worked,⁢ the machine was⁤ great. But such a short breakdown and lack of​ good‌ customer support is⁢ a deal break for me. ‌If I was still within my Amazon return window I would send back, unfortunately I was days ⁤over my return window when it died.”

In our analysis⁣ of the ⁣customer reviews for the EUHOMY Commercial Ice Maker Machine, we found a⁤ mix of positive and negative feedback.

Positive reviews highlight the convenience and efficiency of the ice maker. Customers appreciated ⁤its ability to produce ice quickly, making it suitable⁤ for various purposes such as⁤ filling coolers for outdoor activities and ⁤parties. Users also noted the ease of use⁤ and maintenance, emphasizing its value compared to traditional⁣ ice trays.

However, negative reviews expressed concerns about reliability and customer support. Some users encountered errors within a few⁣ weeks of use, ‍leading​ to a ‍complete breakdown of the machine. ‌They were disappointed by the lack of available replacement parts and‌ slow response from customer support, ​which affected the overall satisfaction with the product.

Overall, ‍while⁢ the EUHOMY ice maker received ⁢praise for its performance and convenience, potential buyers should consider the reliability issues highlighted by some users before making​ a purchase ​decision.

Pros & Cons

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Pros & Cons


1. Efficient ⁢Production Produces 99 lbs of ​ice per day, ensuring you never run out of ice,⁤ ideal for both home and commercial use.
2. Large Storage Capacity With a storage capacity of 33 lbs, it prevents overflow and ‍ensures⁣ you have an ample supply‍ of ‌ice on hand.
3. Versatile Use Suitable ⁣for various settings including home, indoor/outdoor kitchens, restaurants, bars, hotels, and grocery stores.
4. ETL Certification Approved ​for commercial use, offering peace of‍ mind and reliability.
5. Multi-Function Control Panel Equipped with a smart LCD ⁣panel for easy operation and adjustment of ice cube size.
6. Efficient & Quiet Operation Powerful compressor ensures efficient ice making without causing excessive noise, providing a comfortable environment.
7.⁣ Energy Efficient Energy certificate ​helps save on electricity bills, making it cost-effective‍ in the long run.


1. Regular Cleaning Required Requires regular cleaning ⁤according to usage to⁣ maintain optimal performance ⁣and‍ increase longevity.
2. Gravity Drainage Needs a water supply and gravity drainage, which may require specific installation arrangements.
3. Initial Setup Time Needs to be kept upright for at least 24 hours before initial use, which may require some⁣ planning.

Overall, the EUHOMY Commercial Ice Maker Machine‌ offers efficient ice ​production, versatile use, ⁢and user-friendly features, making it a reliable choice for both residential and commercial settings. However, users should be mindful‌ of regular maintenance requirements ⁤and installation ⁣considerations.


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Q&A‌ Section:

Q: Is this ice maker ‍suitable for⁤ both commercial and household use?

A: Absolutely! The EUHOMY Commercial Ice Maker Machine is designed to excel in both commercial and household settings. With ETL certification, it’s approved for commercial use in places like restaurants, bars, hotels, and grocery stores. Yet, it’s equally at home in your‍ indoor or outdoor kitchen, providing you​ with a steady supply ⁤of ice for any occasion.

Q: How easy is it to ⁢operate the ice ‌maker?

A: Operating this ice maker is ​a breeze, thanks to its multi-function control panel. The smart LCD panel allows ⁣you‍ to effortlessly adjust settings and monitor the ice-making process. From controlling ⁣ice ⁢cube size ⁣to initiating the cleaning cycle, everything can be managed with just a few button presses.

Q: Can I expect this⁣ ice​ maker to be quiet during operation?

A: Yes, you can! Despite its powerful​ compressor,‍ the ​EUHOMY Commercial Ice Maker operates efficiently without causing excessive noise. This means you can enjoy‌ high-quality ice without any disruptive⁢ background hum, creating⁣ a comfortable environment wherever​ it’s placed.

Q: How do ⁢I ensure the longevity of this ice maker?

A: Proper maintenance is ‌key to‍ extending the life of your EUHOMY⁣ ice maker. Regular cleaning is recommended, and the ⁢machine conveniently features a​ “Cleaning‌ Program” accessible via the ⁣control panel. Additionally, be sure to follow the⁤ suggested drainage procedures and allow the machine to stand upright for 24 hours before⁤ initial ⁣use to ⁣ensure optimal performance and longevity.

Q: What is‌ the daily ice‌ production and storage ⁣capacity of this ice maker?

A: The EUHOMY Commercial Ice Maker churns out an impressive 99 lbs⁣ of⁤ ice per day and can store up to 33 lbs at a time, preventing any overflow issues. Whether you’re hosting a large​ gathering or need to keep up with the demands​ of a busy establishment, this ice ​maker ⁣has⁣ you covered.

Q: Does the ice maker come with any energy-saving features?

A: Yes, indeed!​ Along with‌ its efficient operation, the EUHOMY ice maker boasts an ⁣energy certificate,‍ helping you save on electricity bills in the ⁢long run. So not only does ​it produce high-quality ice consistently,⁣ but it also does so while ​being mindful of⁢ your wallet ⁣and the environment.

Q: Is installation ⁣complicated?

A: Installation⁢ is relatively straightforward. Just ensure you have access to a water supply and drain (gravity drainage), and follow the included instructions. Once ⁢set up, you’ll be ready to enjoy a constant supply of ice, hassle-free.

Experience the Difference

As we conclude our⁣ journey through the marvels of the EUHOMY Commercial Ice Maker Machine, it’s evident that this appliance is more than just⁤ an ‌ice⁤ maker; it’s⁤ a game-changer for both domestic and commercial settings. With its impeccable features like ETL certification, multi-function control‌ panel, efficient operation, and easy cleaning, it stands as a beacon of innovation in the realm⁤ of ice-making technology.

Whether you’re ​crafting cocktails at ⁤home, managing a bustling restaurant, or hosting outdoor events, ‍the EUHOMY ice maker ensures a steady supply⁣ of ‍ice, eliminating any worries ⁤of shortage. Its versatility knows no bounds, ⁤seamlessly‌ adapting to various environments‌ and demands.

And let’s not forget about​ its commitment to efficiency ‍and sustainability, ​with its ⁤low-noise operation ‍and⁤ energy-saving‌ capabilities. With EUHOMY, you not only ‍elevate​ your ice‌ game but also contribute ⁣to a⁣ greener, quieter world.

So​ why‍ wait? Take ⁢the leap and join‍ the league of ice‌ masters with EUHOMY’s commercial wonder. Upgrade your ice-making experience today and say goodbye ⁢to ice shortages forever.

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