Review: Imelod Contact Microphone – Premium Pickup for Multiple Instruments

Review: Imelod Contact Microphone – Premium Pickup for Multiple Instruments

After trying out the‌ Imelod Contact⁢ Microphone Piezo Pickup on a variety of instruments like the guitar, cello, ukulele, and mandolin, we were pleasantly surprised‌ by ‍the results. This compact pickup not only⁣ delivered clear and undistorted sound, but it also enhanced the overall ⁢sound fidelity of‍ each instrument.⁢ The‍ high-grade ABS construction and braid​ nylon cable gave‌ it a sturdy and ‌durable feel, while the‍ unique spaceship shape added a touch of style to our setup. With easy⁤ installation and a wide range of applications, this pickup proved to be a versatile and reliable option for​ musicians looking ⁤to amplify their sound. Join us ‌as we dive deeper into our experience with the Imelod ⁣Contact‌ Microphone Piezo Pickup and see if it’s the right fit for your ⁢musical needs.

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Overview ‌

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Our experience with this microphone pickup‍ has been exceptional. The sensitivity of the pickup truly ⁢allows for the restoration of an instrument’s sound fidelity. It performs ⁤well on‍ various musical instruments like cello, banjo, ⁢ukulele, mandolin, ⁢and guitar amplifiers.

The premium design and build of this pickup, made from high-grade ABS material, braid nylon, and​ double shield oxygen-free copper cable, ensure durability and high performance. Additionally, ⁢the package ‌includes handy accessories like a microfiber neat mini bag, double-sided tape, and self-adhesive velcro for multiple mounting options, making it convenient and versatile for‍ different setups.

Product Features and Specifications

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We are impressed by ​the premium design and build ‌of this contact microphone pickup. Made of high-grade ABS, braid ‌nylon, and double shield ⁤oxygen-free copper cable, the unique spaceship shape gives it a modern and sleek look. ​The‌ pocket size makes it easy to use and carry around, while being sturdy and durable for long-lasting use. The 10-inch length braid nylon jacket provides better tensile ⁢strength ⁤and​ abrasion resistance, ensuring quality performance.

The sensitive pickup material allows for high​ restored sound and​ undistorted output. The braid nylon and double shield cable ensure stable sound transmission, reducing signal interference and loss. This pickup comes with ‍a microfiber neat mini‌ bag,⁤ 6 double-sided tapes, and a self-adhesive velcro for multiple mounting options. The additional mini bag serves as both protection for the ‌product and a storage bag⁣ for small items. With its wide application range including acoustic guitar, violin, ​mandolin, cello, banjo, and ukulele, this microphone ​pickup is a versatile and essential ‍tool for musicians. Experience the enhanced sound quality and‌ convenient usage by getting your ⁣own Imelod Contact Microphone Piezo​ Pickup today. Check it out here.

Detailed Insights and Recommendations

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Upon ‌testing the Imelod Contact Microphone Piezo Pickup on various musical instruments‌ such as ‍a violin, banjo, and ukulele, we were impressed by its sensitivity and ability to restore the instrument’s sound fidelity. The pickup ⁢is easy to attach near the sound source using the included⁢ double-sided tape and‍ jack female socket, ⁤which fits universal cables ⁣with a 6.35mm jack male plug. The package​ also includes a self-adhesive velcro⁤ for multiple ⁤mounting options, making it versatile and‌ convenient to use.

The premium design and build of this microphone pickup, made⁤ of high-grade ABS, braid⁢ nylon, and double shield oxygen-free copper cable, ensure durability and noise ⁤rejection for clear and accurate sound ‌output. ​The 10-inch length braid nylon jacket provides better tensile‍ strength and abrasion resistance,‌ while the additional microfiber ‌neat mini bag with multiple uses adds ⁣value to the package. Whether you’re a musician looking to amplify your acoustic guitar or a performer in need ‌of⁤ a reliable microphone pickup, this product offers‍ a high-quality solution. Try it out for⁢ yourself and elevate your musical experience today.

Customer Reviews Analysis

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Customer Reviews Analysis

After researching and​ analyzing customer reviews ​for the Imelod​ Contact Microphone, we’ve compiled ⁣a comprehensive overview of the feedback provided by users who have used this device with various instruments.

Review Summary Comments
Better than expected! This customer was impressed ‌with the quality of sound produced​ by this ​microphone when⁢ used ⁢on their violin and highly recommends it for other handmade instruments.
Great‍ deal for nylon string guitar Another satisfied user ⁣praised the‌ pickup’s ability to amplify the sound ⁣of their guitar while providing clear information ​on placement and sound sensitivity.
Tough‍ to⁣ remove from cello One user found it challenging to remove the pickup ‌from ⁢their cello but suggested​ using Velcro for easier removal when using it on multiple instruments.
Works well with upright bass A customer shared their positive experience using this pickup on an upright⁣ bass⁤ and⁢ provided ​detailed instructions on placement and sound adjustment ‌through ⁢an equalizer.
Mixed ⁤feelings One ⁤user had neutral feedback on the product,⁤ mentioning​ difficulty with overdrive and the need for additional equipment like an EQ⁤ or buffer for better performance.
Shorted out after use Unfortunately, one customer experienced a wire shorting out after 45 minutes of use, leading to ⁣dissatisfaction with the product.
Satisfied overall Another user was happy with the pickup’s performance ‍on their various instruments,‌ appreciating ‌the extra adhesive patches provided.
Small and ⁢cheap but adequate A brief review mentioned the affordability and suitability ‍of the product for the price.
Positive⁣ feedback in different languages Users from different‌ regions praised the ‌product for its functionality and quality, considering its price as⁢ a good⁤ choice.

Overall, the Imelod Contact Microphone Pickup⁤ has received a range of feedback from customers, highlighting ‌both its strengths and ​areas ⁣for improvement.

Pros & Cons

Pros & Cons


Premium Design And ⁢Build Made of⁢ high-grade⁢ ABS, braid nylon, and double shield oxygen-free⁣ copper⁢ cable for durability.
Sturdy and Shield Cable 10-inch length braid nylon jacket with better tensile strength and abrasion resistance.
High Restored Sound And Undistorted High-quality pickup material and double shield cable ensure clear and accurate sound transmission with minimal interference.
What we get Comes with a microfiber neat mini bag, double-sided tape, and self-adhesive Velcro for multiple mounting options.
Widely Application Suitable for multiple instruments like acoustic guitar, violin, mandolin, cello, banjo, and ukulele.


  • Depend on the quality of ‍the speaker for sound fidelity.
  • May require ⁣tweaking for optimal sound⁣ in some settings.
  • Short cable length may limit mobility ​during performances.


Q: What instruments can the Imelod Contact Microphone Piezo Pickup be‍ used with?
A: The pickup is suitable for‍ a variety of instruments including acoustic guitars, violins, mandolins, kalimbas, idiopan drums, cellos, banjos, and ukuleles.

Q: Is the ⁢pickup ‍easy to install?
A: Yes, the pickup is ⁤easy ‌to install using the‌ provided double-sided‍ tape ‌and self-adhesive Velcro. Simply attach the​ transducer near ​the sound source⁢ and plug it into your amp or recording equipment.

Q: How is⁤ the sound quality of the Imelod Contact ‍Microphone Pickup?
A: The pickup provides‌ high-quality sound with minimal interference. ⁣The use of high-grade materials and shielded cables‌ ensures clear, accurate, ‍and undistorted sound output.

Q: What accessories are included with the pickup?
A: The⁣ pickup comes with a microfiber neat mini bag, double-sided tape, and self-adhesive Velcro ‍for multiple ​mounting⁣ options. The mini bag can⁢ also be used as a cleaning cloth or⁤ storage bag for small items.

Q:‌ Can the ⁤Imelod Contact Microphone Pickup be used with a guitar ‍amplifier?
A: Yes, the pickup works well‌ with guitar amplifiers and other recording equipment, making ⁣it a versatile option for musicians of all levels.

Q: What ⁢is the cable ‍length of the pickup?
A: The⁢ cable length is approximately 31.5 inches, providing enough length for easy positioning and use during performances.⁤

Embody Excellence

In conclusion, ‌the Imelod Contact Microphone Piezo Pickup⁢ is a versatile and high-quality pickup that can enhance ‍the sound of multiple instruments. Its premium design and‌ durable build make it a reliable choice for musicians looking to amplify⁤ their sound with clarity and accuracy. With easy mounting options and a compact size, this microphone pickup is a must-have for any performer or recording enthusiast.

If you’re ready to take your musical experience to the next level, click here to get your own Imelod Contact Microphone Piezo Pickup now!
Get‌ yours today!

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