Smart Plug Extender: A Review of TESSAN Power Strip for Home and Office

Smart Plug Extender: A Review of TESSAN Power Strip for Home and Office

Looking to add some smart capabilities to your home‌ or office? Look ⁤no further than the Smart ⁢Outlet ⁢Plug Extender from TESSAN! Our team recently⁤ had ‌the⁣ opportunity to try out‌ this innovative power‍ strip,⁤ and we were blown away by its performance, ease of use, and ‍quality. With‍ 6 multi-outlets, 3 ⁤USB ports, and​ WiFi connectivity, ⁣this wall surge ⁣protector‍ is compatible with Alexa ​and Google Assistant, giving you full control over ​your connected devices. Join us as we dive into this review and see why customers ⁣are raving ⁣about⁢ the ‌convenience and functionality of the ⁣TESSAN Smart Power Strip!

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The Smart Outlet Plug Extender from TESSAN is a game-changer for any home​ or ⁣office setup. Customers ‌rave about ‌the performance, ease​ of use, and quality of this power strip.⁤ With ‌the ability to work seamlessly with Alexa and be easily⁣ set up, it’s no surprise that users‌ are impressed. The three smart outlets are a standout feature, allowing‍ for convenient control with just ‌a voice ‍command.⁣ Some customers did mention ​occasional disconnections, ⁤but ​overall, the performance of this power strip is top-notch.

Customers also appreciate the ⁣user-friendly​ design of⁣ this power strip. Setting it up‍ is a breeze, and‌ Alexa recognizes and ⁤controls the outlets effortlessly. With sleek and stylish aesthetics, this ⁣power strip not only looks great but also functions excellently. ⁢The ​timer‍ function is perfect for controlling lights, and‍ the three USB plugs are a convenient addition for charging devices. Whether you’re looking to streamline your home or office⁢ setup, this Smart Outlet⁤ Plug Extender is a must-have.‍ Don’t miss out, grab yours today!

Exceptional Features

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The of ⁢this smart outlet plug ⁣extender truly make it stand out. The ability to control the devices remotely via voice commands with Alexa and Google Assistant adds a whole new level of⁣ convenience to​ your⁣ daily life. The Smart Life ⁤app allows for remote control of the 3 smart outlets individually or simultaneously,​ giving⁢ you ⁤full control no matter where ‍you ⁤are. Plus, the schedule⁣ and countdown timer feature ‍allows you to automate ⁢the on/off function of your ⁤devices, saving energy ⁣and providing​ peace of mind when you’re away from home.

The ‌multi-function​ design⁤ of the wall outlet extender includes 3 smart plugs, 3 always-on ‍plugs, and 3⁤ USB ports, providing ample⁣ power for⁣ all your electrical devices. The wide space ⁤outlets ensure that⁢ nothing gets blocked, ⁤making it perfect for use in any room​ of the house‌ or ⁤while ​traveling. The‍ safety certifications and durable materials⁤ used ⁤in ​its construction give you peace‌ of ‍mind knowing that⁢ your devices are protected. Experience the convenience and power of⁤ this smart outlet plug extender for ⁤yourself – get yours today and upgrade your home or office setup! Check it out here.

In-depth ⁣Analysis and Recommendations

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The Smart‌ Outlet Plug Extender from TESSAN is⁣ a versatile power strip that offers convenience and ease of use. Customers appreciate the⁣ performance of this power ​strip, especially⁣ when paired with Alexa, making ⁣it a great⁣ addition to any smart home ⁤setup. With three smart outlets that are ⁤easily controlled, ⁣setting up ‌the⁤ power strip‌ is ‍a breeze, and ‍customers love how seamless the process is.

In addition to the performance, customers also ‌praise the quality of this power strip. With no issues reported and​ three smart outlets that are easily ‌controlled, this power strip is perfect for‌ controlling⁣ devices⁢ in your home or office. The ​timer function works⁢ perfectly, making it ideal for controlling lights or⁤ other devices at specific times. With additional ⁤3 USB‍ ports for charging phones⁣ or lights, this power strip is a‌ convenient and reliable choice for all​ your power needs. If you’re looking for a versatile and high-quality power strip for your home or office, we highly recommend checking out the TESSAN Smart ⁢Outlet Plug Extender. ⁢

Customer⁤ Reviews Analysis

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Customer Reviews ⁣Analysis

After going through various customer reviews on the⁣ TESSAN Smart Power Strip, we have compiled a list of⁢ common feedback and observations:

Customer Review Key‌ Points
Ana⁤ Mardoll Highly recommended, easy setup, individual control of⁢ plugs, convenient USB ports
Anonymous User Ease ‍of setup, compatibility with ⁤Alexa, some difficulty ‌with 5G connectivity
Another Customer Great ⁢for flexible usage, especially ​for‍ smart home devices integration and timer functions
Happy Buyer Works well‌ with ‍Google Home, occasional disconnection issues noted
Satisfied⁣ Customer Clean and organized setup,⁢ additional USB ports, frequent disconnection problems

Overall, customers have highlighted the ease of ⁢setup, ‌compatibility with popular smart ‌home assistants, and the convenience‍ of individual plug control. While some users mentioned occasional disconnection issues, the majority ​found the ​TESSAN Smart Power Strip to be a versatile and helpful ‍addition to their homes and offices.

Pros & Cons

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Pros & Cons of TESSAN Smart Outlet‌ Plug Extender


Performance Customers like the‌ performance of the power strip. ‌They say it⁤ works great with Alexa, is easy to set up, and​ is recognized instantly by Alexa. The product ‌is sleek ⁢and ⁢stylish and works‍ great.
Ease of use Customers ⁣find the power strip easy to use. They mention that it’s easy to set up, ⁣Alexa recognizes and controls outlets easily, and the app⁤ is easy to connect to.
Quality Customers are satisfied with the ‍quality of the power strip. ⁣They‌ mention that it does the job very well, has no issues, and has ​three smart outlets⁢ that are easily controlled. ‌The ​timer ⁢function ⁣works perfect to control devices.
Plugs Customers like the plugs of the power strip. They mention that it has a great outlet that can plug multiple​ devices and that there are also 3​ USB plugs for charging phones or‍ lights as needed.


Connectivity Some customers mention that the power strip disconnects quite frequently from their network,‌ making it essentially worthless as ⁢a smart​ device.

Overall, the TESSAN Smart⁤ Outlet Plug Extender receives positive feedback for its performance, ease of use, and quality. However, some‍ customers have reported issues with connectivity, with the device⁤ frequently‌ disconnecting from their network.


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Q: How⁣ many smart outlets does the TESSAN Power Strip have?
A: The TESSAN Power Strip has 3 smart outlets that can be controlled ⁣individually‌ or simultaneously.

Q: Does the power strip work well with Alexa and Google⁤ Assistant?
A: Yes, customers have mentioned that the power strip works great with Alexa and is recognized instantly. You can ‌easily⁣ control the outlets with voice commands.

Q: Can I⁤ control the power strip remotely?
A: Yes, the power strip can ‍be controlled remotely using the Smart​ Life app. You can schedule each socket to ​turn on/off‍ at specified times, even when you’re not⁣ at home.

Q: Are the USB ports on ‍the ⁣power strip smart?
A: The⁣ USB ports ⁢on the power strip are not smart, ⁣but they are convenient⁤ for charging phones⁣ or other devices as needed.

Q: Is the setup process easy?
A: Customers have mentioned that the setup process is⁢ easy, and Alexa recognizes and controls the outlets easily. However, some have had ‍issues with finding‍ the‌ app,⁣ so it’s recommended to search for “Smart Life Volcano” to download it.

Q: Does the power strip ⁤have a timer function?
A:⁣ Yes, the power strip has a‌ timer function that⁢ allows⁢ you to schedule when the connected devices ‌turn on and⁣ off automatically. ⁢This can‌ help save energy ‍when devices are not in use.

Q: ⁣How many outlets are always on?
A:​ The ⁢TESSAN Power Strip ‍has ‌3 smart outlets ⁣and 3 ⁢always-on outlets, ‍providing you with ‍a variety of options for powering your devices.

Q: Can the power strip be shared with family members?
A: Yes, you ⁣can‌ share the power strip with your ⁣family ​members on the Smart Life app, allowing everyone to ⁤enjoy⁢ the ⁤convenience of controlling‌ devices remotely.

Q: Are there⁣ any connectivity issues with ‌the⁣ power‍ strip?
A: Some customers have ‍mentioned that the power strip disconnects quite frequently, which can ‍be ‌frustrating. It’s⁢ important ​to ensure⁤ a stable Wi-Fi connection for optimal performance.

Unlock Your Potential

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As we⁤ wrap up our review of the TESSAN Smart Power Strip with 6 Multi Outlet 3 USB, we can confidently say ​that this‌ product is ⁣a game-changer for any home or office. With its performance, ease of ⁣use, and quality, it’s ‌no ⁢wonder customers ⁣are raving about it. From controlling your devices with Alexa to​ setting up personalized schedules,‌ this power strip has it all.

If you’re looking to simplify your life ⁤and add a touch of convenience to your space, we highly recommend giving the TESSAN Smart Power Strip a try. Don’t miss out on the opportunity to‍ experience ⁣the benefits of smart ⁢technology in your everyday​ life.

Ready to upgrade your space ⁣with the TESSAN Smart Power Strip? Click here to get your hands on this innovative product today: Get your TESSAN Smart Power Strip now!

Thank⁣ you for joining us for this review. Stay ⁤tuned for more exciting insights‌ on ⁣the ⁣latest products in the market. ⁣See you next time!

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